The main stages of apartment repair

Plumbing is also an important stage in the repair of an apartment. To begin with, do wiring of the pipeline, sell strokes and produce where necessary, welding work. Next, the pipes of the heating system are brought up, leaving batteries for later. Necessarily ground electrical wiring, which in proximity passes with pipes. The rest of the front of work is made in the usual way. Trim the wall and lay the tile. Then lay floor ceramics and work with the ceiling. And after all this, the water mixer is already mounted, as well as any other plumbing devices. If after the repair you want to arrange a tourist trip, then bus tours to the Czech Republic is the same.

Now let’s talk about a serious question, as electricity. Electricity wiring is made both in the wall and on the surface. Metal pipes give great safety if wires are laid in them. Using a perforator or drill in this case, it will be almost impossible to damage it, since you will simplify the replacement of the wires in the future and it will not be possible to post the walls again, but simply use the old wires when stretching new. The location of switches and sockets should be planned in advance, and also do not have to forget about other wires of telecommunications that are laid for television, phone and Internet. The cable is laid separately from electricity in order to exclude mutual interference.