The main characteristics of the gypsum fiber

Gypsum fiber or gypsum fiber (GVL) – relatively new finishing material. It is made from gypsum, in which cellulose fibers are missed for reinforcement. Thanks to this, this material is stronger than drywall. With hypnovol, wooden structures are faced to give them fire resistance. Gypsum fiber is also used in the installation of a prefabricated floor base. In the plumbing rooms, walls and floors are sheathed with gypsum fiber leaf. In addition, partitions and walls in households are sheathed with this material.

The gypsum fiber has the following characteristics:

• has high strength and hardness;

• does not support combustion, has high fire and technical indicators;

• regulates the relative humidity in the room due to the fact that the gypsum fiber absorbs excess moisture, and if necessary gives it;

• due to low heat sidelines, gypsum fiber to the touch is warm;

• does not require additional processing in the form of putting putty;

• Great sound insulator.

Before a paint is applied to the surface of the gypsum fiber, a layer of paper should be applied to its surface and only, then paint. The paper must be glued to the pre -primed surface of the gypsum fiber.