The main characteristics of flooring of wood. Laminate

Currently, a laminate is in great demand in the flooring market or as it is also called – laminated parquet. This is due to a relatively low price, a beautiful appearance, as well as ease in laying laminate and installation. The laminate is similar to the parquet board – also consists of several layers. However, different materials are used to manufacture these floor coverings. The basis of the laminated parquet is the fiberboard with high density, and the upper layers are compressed paper, which is saturated with a special resin with the applied pattern. In most cases, they use a drawing that imitates various wood species. However, some manufacturers can see a laminate imitating a stone. The laminated parquet is characterized by high strength: there are no traces of heels or a dropped heavy object on it. It is also worth noting that almost any pollution is easily removed from the surface of this material with ordinary water.

When buying a laminated parquet, first of all, you need to pay attention to the class of products. The lower the class, the lower the load the material is calculated. Installation of laminated parquet is quite simple and you can do it yourself without involving specialists.