The history of the occurrence of antipyrene

Many people are sure that wooden houses in the event of a fire burn within a few minutes. However, everything is not as scary as it might seem at first sight. After all, special impregnations have been used to reduce the combustibility of wood. The first mention of them dates from the 16th century. Then the houses made of wood, which at that time were universally, the inhabitants processed a special composition of clay, lime and salt. Over time, the composition has improved, scientists studied the properties of combustion and ignition. So antipyrene appeared, substances that prevent the spread of fire and protect the tree from fire. Today they process any wooden buildings immediately before operation.

Antipyrene today produce salt and nonsense. The latter are considered more effective and contain phosphorus and organic substances in their composition.

Regardless of the chosen antipyrene. Before processing, the tree in a special way is prepared for them. Apply compositions exclusively on finished designs.

Today, modern antipypees are simultaneously protecting against decay, and also contain dyes.