The history of the arrival of frame-panel houses in the Russian Federation

In the nineties of the last century, a new type of construction of housing appeared on the territory of our country, which involves the use of a frame-panel methodology. It is known that today about 80% of residential buildings are built using this technology. However, in Russia, this type of housing is not so actively used.

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Among the main advantage of this method, professional builders highlight the speed of erecting a house, as well as the ability to carry out construction at any time of the day and night. Construction can take up to three years, but the installation of the foundation with the subsequent installation of the structure will take about 7 days. In this case, the speed of construction does not affect the quality.

Environmental defenders will also find their advantages in the use of this technology-here it is necessary about 2-3 times less building materials made of wood. It is also worth considering that the walls of such a house are easier compared to others, and this is the reason that the deep and very massive foundations are not laid under such a house for such a house.

Pancake-panel houses are stable, and have great rigidity, they are not so easy to deform. The only thing is to take care of the creation of thermal protection in advance. The latter is provided by strengthening the walls with basalt insulation.