The heating system is crimping – basic rules

This is necessary in order to introduce a heating system in the heating period. At what moments is the testing of the heating system is carried out?

• if you end the repair or you decide to replace the risers of heating and water -set reinforcement

• If the installation of the heating system and the water supply system ends

• When passing pipelines for using or replacing the heating system

• if the heating system is preparing for the heating period

First, the system is filled with water. For this, water supply is used. For a multi -storey building, this will not be enough. After the system is filled with water, it is necessary to apply a special roll or press, thanks to which the pressure is increased and p = 1.3 pp is reached. Watching the arrow of the manometer. If it falls, therefore, it is necessary to examine the pipeline for the presence of leaks. If the leak is present, the system is completely emptied, then the leak is eliminated and the crimping is repeated. This must be repeated until the leak is completely eliminated, while the manometer arrow, respectively, stops falling.