The field of view of architecture and design

Modern architecture is an endless ocean of opportunities, fantasies and projects. Today, the architecture and interior design practically no boundaries for the embodiment of the most unusual and not standard solutions. In many ways, such prospects are opened thanks to modern computer modeling programs and high -quality building and finishing materials.

Despite the fact that designers are talented creative personalities, it is extremely convenient to take place where you can talk with like -minded people, find out the latest architectural news, draw ideas for design, and see ready -made projects of interiors of private houses and apartments. It is this point of contact of all these areas that is the architectural site – the field of view.

On the site, the field of vision, you can learn everything about how modern architecture and interior design develops, what fashion trends and directions are priority today, what color scheme dominates in interiors’ design. Also, on the site, the field of view can be found with projects of buildings with unusual architecture.

This project undoubtedly amazes an unusual combination of natural material (wood) and a clear geometric, square form that is not found in nature. Such an amazing combination can be a great idea for combining, at first glance not combined shapes and textures. In addition, on the site you can find unique furniture and decor projects.