The decoration of the lined surface

The finish after facing is an integral part of the work, without which the appearance of the surface cannot be considered satisfactory. The layer of the solution on which the elements of the finish are fixed harden on average in one to three days. Therefore, the final surface finish is not recommended before. Mostly the decoration process is reduced to filling the seams between the surface elements. For this purpose, special cement -based solutions are used. In order to avoid the formation of voids and irregularities, the solution should be thoroughly rubbed between the tiles using tools such as a spatula or a special grater.

Ideally, all seams should be evenly filled with the solution used, while the level of filling should coincide with the thickness of the facing layer. It is better to remove all the excess grouting solution from the surface at once, without waiting for hardening.

Solutions used for grouting can be not only white, but also color, which will allow you to expand the design capabilities. For example, white facing tiles contrasts well with the seams filled with green solution, and with white grouting the blue finish harmonizes.

After the seams are filled, the cladding must be cleaned of traces of the solution and other contaminants. For this, the surface is washed with water, using, for example, a sponge. If the pollution is strong, not amenable to washing out with water, any chemical solvent can be used to remove them.