The basic principles of building a wooden staircase

Wooden staircase in the house  Beautiful and functional necessity. You can build it yourself, observing the basic requirements.

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For example, the construction of a wooden staircase on Kosoura.

For prolonged and safe use, a project meets building standards is necessary. For this, first of all, they draw a drawing in which they indicate with an accuracy of a millimeter the height and width of the stairs, steps parameters and their number.

The height is determined as follows: • At the final height of the stairs, the board is attached in a horizontal position.• measure the height of the structure from the board to the floor, given the angle of inclination of the stairs at 3545 degrees. Determining the number of steps: • According to construction standards, the height and width of the steps should be 1719 cm and 2830 cm, respectively.• Using these dimensions, given the preliminary measurement of the length of the stairs, the number of steps is calculated.• with a number of steps more than 14, in the middle of the structure arrange a platform. You can make a staircase from such material as oak. But more often preference is given to pine or spruce due to affordability at a price. Also, coniferous wood is easier to process.