The advantages and disadvantages of the column foundation

Today, no construction is complete without the initial stage, which is the construction of the foundation. There are many different types of foundations, but in this case we are talking about columnar.

The columnar foundation is designed for the construction of buildings made of fairly light designs, for example, a wooden house from frame shield walls.

The advantages of a columnar foundation are simply obvious to everyone, it is quite easy to build and relatively cheap due to low labor costs and building materials. In addition, a similar type of foundation has proven itself quite directly in the conditions of a fairly cold climate with a particularly deep freezing of soil.

However, the columnar foundation also has significant disadvantages, which include low stability with horizontally mobile soils and very noticeable difficulties in the construction of the basement.

Therefore, when choosing this type of foundation, it is necessary to carefully analyze the condition of the soil in the place of the alleged construction and calculate the load on the soil, and in this case it is necessary to attract qualified and sufficiently experienced specialists from the engineering or design bureau.