The advantage of using metal -plastic profiles

Window frame of plastic frames relatively recently entered our lives. Now they are used everywhere. The main advantage of their application is that they are very strong. They include polyvinyl chloride. This substance increases the strength of the structure and does not allow it to deform. Break the double -glazed window with an ordinary children’s ball is practically not realistic. Such metal -plastic profiles can last their owner for more than 25 years.

The tightness of the window frame gives the use of special rubber seals. It is they who prevent the penetration into the premises of drafts. If you install soundproof double -glazed windows, you can get rid of street noise. Modern high -quality window structures do not contain heavy metals, so their use cannot harm health. Metal -plastic windows are almost impossible to open from the street. This quality increases safety if you live on the ground floor or in a country house. The windows are tightly closed both indoors and outside. Compared to wooden window frames, double -glazed windows are much cheaper. They can be opened completely, or open a little-to ventilate.