The acquisition of tourists at home in the Chinese laundry

Eff UARDELLL and Claudia Sagan are avid travelers from San Francisco. Once again they thought about rethinking the entire interior of the house. They set themselves a certain goal, in the future an extensive collection of street art, which was collected by Wardell, should be placed in the apartment. He collected the collection for a long time, bringing various photos and books from different countries. Back in 2007, the couple bought a small room in a non -working Chinese laundry. The premises were in a factory that was engaged in the production of dental powder. Initially, the room was an exclusively production room in which there was no clear layout, which is usually in apartments. Large windows are located around the perimeter of the entire room. According to Wardell, Claudia immediately liked the spacious attic, it is quite long, which allows you to walk freely on it. In the future, the couple equipped the bedroom in the most calm corner of the whole house, as for the living room and the kitchen, it was located in the most central part of the house. The collection was decided to settle between the window openings. With the help of daily color, a unique street context was created. After that, the couple decided to engage in the arrangement of the office and the bedroom for guests. They decided not to make any significant changes to the general redevelopment of the house. Friends of Wardell were proposed to use freight containers for these purposes. In the future, all together they decided that it was just an ideal solution. Cozy space was created using the designer and builder Pat Karson.