Systems of roofing drainage

The water -polling system installed on the roof provides protection of the basement and walls of the structure from moisture, and also does not allow to oversaturate with moisture of the foundation foundation. The most elementary version of the drain is a roof that guides the knocked water to the ground. The name of such a system is unorganized, and this system justifies itself only in cases where the structure is small, and at the same time its roof is a single -tocade. It is also necessary that the drainage system does not provide water flow directly to the sidewalk. The unorganized type system in some cases can cause damage to the facade base, as well as destroy the base. The reason for this is an increased hydrostatic load. By the way, you know that the construction of turnkey frame houses began to only recently gain momentum, and already in almost all these houses they use roofing drainage systems.

Today, an organized drain is increasingly popular, in which drainage elements are quite effective. Such a system accumulates water in gutters, which are placed over the entire area of ​​the roof of the building. The water drainage is diverted into drainage pipes. Like any other systems, an organized system is equipped with fasteners and other necessary elements. In this case, the choice of shapes and pipes forms is possible.