Surface finishing with embossed rollers

Painted surfaces can be decorated with a complex pattern using embossed rubber rollers installed in a special device – rolling. In addition to the embossed roller, a two -blade rolle also has a porous roller to wet the first. First, the porous roller is moistened with paint, then remove excess paint, making rolling on a piece of cardboard. The drawing is applied to the wall from top to bottom, without passes and ceilings. Do not allow splashes that may appear with fast rolling.

Very convenient to work with a tank for paint. In this device, the working roller is wetted with two auxiliary rollers located inside the tank. This significantly increases labor productivity since there is no need to periodically apply paint to the roller. The viscosity of the paint during operation of the rolling should be slightly larger than when stained with a brush.

The color of the paint is chosen based on the color of the wall. Excessive contrast is harmful. In low rooms, it is better to use rollers giving a small pattern, wavy lines, an inconspicuous grid. After the work is done, you need to rinse well and dry well.

Metal parts can be lubricated with machine oil to protect against rust.