Summer open veranda

What could be better than rest in the fresh air after a successful day -time day in a summer cottage? Of course, the fruit garden is insanely beautiful, but in rainy weather you can’t lie down in a hammock under a spreading tree. And the room is too stuffy and crowded. A great option can be a summer open veranda adjacent to the house.

Distinguish the most diverse types of open verandas. But if you planned to build such a building on your site, you should remember: the veranda will become part of the house, so when building it, it is necessary to use the elements that were used in the construction of the building.

At the initial stage of construction, it is important to decide what you see the veranda of your country house? To get as close as possible to nature, there should be no walls, the border between the house and the world around the world should be conditional.

If the summer open veranda is wooden, then you can embrace it with railing or picket fence, curtaining the rest of the space with curtains or creating a “green” wall of climbing plants.

As one of the options, you can use metal lattices that will play at the same time a protective and decorative role. This type of summer open veranda will serve for a long time: snow will not accumulate on it, which prevents the possibility of rapid destruction. Melt snow and rainwater will not accumulate on the floor of the veranda, if the floor of the structure is made by the lattice.

Fans of closed spaces can build a half -closed summer veranda where sliding doors will be installed and the room will take the form of a terrace.