Studies of concrete on special salty cements in the conditions of the northern tidal seas

Particular attention was paid to the test of sulfate cements and cements with organic additives.

In order to further in -depth and expanded study of methods for increasing the durability of concrete in August 1962. Samples of 7x7x21 cm in size made of concrete on salty cements were installed on the test stand in the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea.

It was assumed in natural conditions typical of the northern and eastern tidal seas, to study the frost resistance of concrete of various compounds prepared on these cements.

Relatively low (up to -37 ° C) and prolonged negative air temperatures, non -freezing bay (average water temperature on the surface of +6 ° C), a large amplitude of tidal vibrations (up to 5 m) and the aggressive effect of salts contained in sea water, create harsh conditions in the stand that makes strict requirements for concrete of hydraulic structures.

Samples of 54 concrete compositions (at nine twins) were tested on salt cements of three types: sulfato -resistant, tamponal and Belitov Portland cements.

The cements were obtained by grinding clinics of Komsomolets and Kommunar plants with an addition of 4, 5 and 6% of two -water gypsum. Actual compositions of clinics (chemical and mineralogogo).