Stone materials for construction.

Stone materials in construction are used in order to put the walls, foundation and furnaces, and, also to fill out various solutions. Forms for decorative artificial stone allow you to get decorative artificial stones of the required shape.

Types of natural stone materials

Granite is an acidic crystalline magmatic breed. He is very durable and dense, not absorbing moisture, though this stone is very difficult.

Porphyry is called a rock with a porphyr structure. It somewhat reminiscent of granite, but unlike it, porphyry is crushed into pieces.

A botum stone is pieces of limestone, dolomite, sandstone and granite. This stone is solid and tiled. Clean stone and without cracks are used for the foundation. When hit with a hammer on this stone, it should not crumble, and the sound from the blow will be ringing.

Gravel is ovoid, gravelly, rolled, low. Its sizes are from 5 to 80mm.

Crushed stone is a stone that is mined as a result of crushing artificial stones or rocks. Gravel and crushed stone are used to fill concrete. It is believed that crushed stone is much better than gravel, since it contains less impurities and grows up more with cement.

Sand is called grains of various rocks and minerals. Sand is mountainous, ravine, lake and river.