Staircase like an element of design

It is sometimes difficult for a person to explain what exactly gives him a sense of comfort and convenience in a particular room. Any of us simply feels the situation, feels the atmosphere of the building, “captures” the elusive goodness and comfort of the adequately formed place of the building.

It is unlikely that anyone will be able to argue that the staircase is considered the leitmotif of all design, and the progressive house or office is simply difficult to even imagine without the presence of this chief-hofmeisterin (stairs, of course).

Naturally, it is possible to object, because for the past few years, elevators have arrived to replace the stairs, installed even in private dwellings, which to carry you from the floor to the floor in a very short period of time, thereby maintaining your time and effort. Although the elevator is ready to become that clear component of all interior decoration as a staircase. Is he able to be the soul of the interior, does he have the opportunity to present that sense of harmony, calm and balance, the inviolability of your strength – a building where you spend a considerable part of your own life.

We ourselves will give an answer to the questions asked: no. Only a staircase made by your sketch, excellently assembled and inscribed in your exterior, is able to completely revive the place, add sharpness of design, pour attention, fascinate, delight, enchant, enchanting all your home or office.