Staircase in a private house

In her own two -story house, a staircase plays a small role, because it occupies an honorable place in the house thanks to its size. It is important to thoroughly approach the choice of material and design.

It is not so easy to combine strength and grace, but it is necessary to achieve a consensus in this matter. Based on the material of the stairs can be concrete, metal and wooden. It is important to choose the material suitable for the design of the room. In the style of minimalism, concrete will organically look organically, a tree is the destiny of the classics, but the metal can be placed there and there, if you decorate it correctly.

Depending on the configuration of the room, you can choose different types of stairs. If the angle is assigned to it, the M-shaped configuration with an intermediate platform in the corner will look harmonious. You can place it in a straight line along the wall. The presence or absence of an intermediate site depends on the height of the floor. If the floor is large, the continuous staircase should be very steep to get in. Many people like screw stairs, they have a special grace. It is important to remember here that to raise the furniture on it, you will have to make a lot of effort and spend your nerves, since it is not intended for this.

The main decoration of stairs is the railing. To create a chic appearance, you can use metal railing, made using art forging. Such a staircase will not be difficult not to notice and not evaluate.