Staining the room with oil or alkyd materials

I immediately want to notice that, staining the room with oil or alkyd materials, the surface moisture is given great importance. The increased moisture content of the walls after not finally dried plaster is especially dangerous when finishing. It’s no secret that the paint can start bubbing for a month, after which it will simply begin to separate from the wall. Many people think that the paint is to blame for everything, but in fact it is not. By the way, now many began to use the electric tap electric, more details about it will not be superfluous. Very often in our time, builders try to hand over work to the customer in time, which is why they are dismissive to the existing technological process. For example, they begin to paint the plastered surface, but the next day, without giving the plaster to finally dry. Winning -preprisial paints in this case exfoliate less often, as they allow water pair, they will evaporate, thereby not violating the integrity of the coating. When choosing paint, it is not necessary to take into account its ability to absorb moisture. Typically, these characteristics are inherent in gyroscopic materials, that is, they are able to absorb water. This property is possessed by lime, gypsum, cement surfaces, etc. D. If there is a strongly absorbing surface, then you should know that it instantly pulls all the water from the paint, while a kind of obstacle arises to normal film formation.