Staining the ceiling with water -based paint

Each repairs carried out in the apartment are necessarily accompanied by staining the ceiling. Despite the past years, water -based paint is as popular as before. But not every person knows how to use it correctly. In this article we will talk about how to apply it correctly.

First of all, you need to choose the right material. Water emulsion paints differ not only in color, but also by density, composition and many other properties. To stain the ceilings in rooms with a high percentage of humidity in the air, Latex is usually added to the water -based paint, thanks to which an additional water -repellent effect is added to the finished composition. It is advisable not to use ordinary paint of this species for staining ceilings in rooms with a high moisture level.

It is advisable to prepare it before direct surface of the surface: for this it is thoroughly plastered and aligned. If you decide to use acrylic paint, then you should not worry about small defects. The result for the most part depends on the density of the paint, therefore, its preparation process should be paid to special attention. The higher the density of the composition, the more visible the stripes between the two strokes of the paint will be. Before applying the coloring substance to the surface, it is advisable to primed the latter. After the primer dries, you can start staining the ceiling.