Squeezing when laying

Curvature grooves are thoroughly trim and poured with a layer of cement mortar or concrete, after which the borders are installed. After installation, the cracks between the soil and the border are formed, which must be tightly scored by the earth. The installation of borders is over, then we put geotextiles on the bottom of our trench and fall asleep on top of the crushed stone not very large or gravel, so that the layer is 10-15 cm. By the way, now automation for the collar of Came is very popular, it was often installed.

To do this, you can use the ready -made mixture of sandy – gravel. We seal carefully gravel and pour on it a layer of 5-10 cm on top of it. Sand you pour such thickness as you want to get a paving your path. We calculate this by adding the thickness of the tiles, minus one centimeter to shrink the tiles after its styling, so we get the paving level. Trump the sand pouring it with water.

If you do not have gravel or you decide to save a little, then you can only sprinkle everything with sand. It is best to take sand of a large fraction in use. If you have pure clay, then it is desirable that the trench is made deeper, about half a meter and it can also be filled with sand, but at the same time using geotextiles. If you do not use it, subsequently in a couple of seasons, your path can be distorted from the fact that the spit will go into clay.