Special charm of wooden houses

Among the variety of country houses, you can increasingly meet wooden houses. Some of them, built on special design projects, are similar to fairy -tale palaces. Log house of logs can be classical styling. According to this technology, in the construction of the house, nails are practically not used. But this does not prevent them from being strong and durable. Some old logs of classical styling stood for more than a century, and have survived to this day in excellent condition. Wooden houses are the basis of simple, durable and environmentally friendly housing. This makes them especially attractive for people who decided to build a country house for themselves. Wooden houses are able to “breathe”. This adjusts the air temperature and humidity indoors. In winter, even in severe frosts, in such a house it is especially warm and comfortable. In the summer, he will save from the heat and heat. For the construction of a house, along with valuable wood species, healing rocks can be used. For example, log cabinets, very favorably affect human health. Living in such a house, you can forget about colds. The choice of wood breed depends on the taste and solvency of the customer. Someone likes at home from linden, and someone can easily breathe only in an oak log house. The house built from aspen logs is the best. In a special row, you can put a larch that has unusually dense wood. I am pleased that in Russia, wooden construction is being revived and developing, which retains the centuries -old traditions of Russian architecture.