Small -sized apartment design tips

Nowadays, in order to give her the greatest spaciousness at all to rack her head. A huge arsenal of built -in technology, small kitchen furniture, as well as a drop of your imagination – and now, a spacious kitchen is ready, in which you can even lay out a table for your guests with regard to a washing machine, which is constantly not in the bathroom – it can be moved to the kitchen , or put it next to the bathroom – in the hallway, the main thing is that there is a drain and water supply system nearby. Of course, everything rests on the layout of the apartment, but, with today’s variety of choice of various items of household appliances, you can easily find for yourself a suitable option, it is also recommended to free the walls from a huge number of objects – leave it better on the wall one large picture, which will perfectly fit into your Interior than the abundance of small (letters, paintings, various photos in frames), but then there are a pantry that completely hid the wall, then this is very good – this is the place where your fantasy can go beyond the reasonable. After all, the pantry is exactly the room in which no one will want to appear besides you and therefore it can clutter up, as you please. It is here that you can bring all things from the first point, daily shoes, tools, spare sets of dishes, in general, everything that can come to your mind. Improvise! Subject to all these non -complex rules, you are unambiguously doomed to a visual increase in your small apartment.