Sequence when decorating premises

When repairing premises, it is always necessary to observe the sequence of work, otherwise, that is, if non -compliance, the likely excessive costs of refinement of certain errors are not avoided. When dismantling if necessary, old windows and doors are removed. And then, when they are ready, the windows are glazed and the doors are placed. When working, it is not recommended for the room to have drafts. You also need to dismantle all worn out objects and accessories, and construction garbage is exported. Then, wiring is carried out throughout the room and switches are exhibited in the right places. Conducting plumbing work, after laying plumbing equipment, plastering work begins. The plaster begins with the ceiling, then go to the walls and subsequently, if necessary, all this is. Self -leveling mixtures are used for floors. If linoleum, laminate or carpet will run to the floor, then the surface should be perfectly flat.

When carrying out finishing work, again, you need to start with the ceiling, where you can apply options from drywall, putty or suspended ceilings. If the tile will be laid on the floor, then this must be done before wall decoration, and if the carpet or linoleum, then after. And at the end, installation work on the installation of electrical appliances is carried out.