Schires – a beautiful decoration for windows

We are so used to seeing the glazing of the window whole that sometimes I want to resort to some method of decoration that would help to emphasize the window and make it more noticeable and unique. This thought can be implemented using an effective decorating device – SPROS.

SPRAs have the form of strips that, when connecting to each other, form a common decorative cell. By the method of installation, the SPRs are divided into overhead and inter -sticol. If the former is applied outside the glazing using built -in compounds, then the latter are placed inside the double -glazed window. In this regard, we can confidently say that inter -stackets are less subjected to damage and pollution.

However, overhead shovreas are good in their own way: the external decoration to a certain extent protects glazing. The assortment also has T. n. Rounded and trapezoidal Venetian shurses (counterparts). They are glued on the outside and, as a rule, made of plastic.

SPRs are different in thickness, cross -section, color scheme and used material (metal, plastic, wood). Each of the listed characteristics should correspond to the thickness of the glazing, color and material of the window itself.

It is worth saying that individual windows of windows have pre -built SPRs. This helps to purchase glazing in a ready -made graceful form, so as not to resort to subsequent decor.