Saving with competent glazing

The most common problem of owners of country houses is the question of reducing energy costs. Maintaining the optimal microclimate in a house where there is no central heating is problematic, since a lot of means are spent on lighting and heating.

The appearance in the construction of such a phenomenon as energy -saving technologies allows us to successfully solve the problem of thermal insulation from the foundation to the very roof of the house.

An important factor in energy saving and their rational use is the installation of glass facades of buildings. As you know, it is the window structures that are considered the main “culprits” the heat loss in the house.

Due to the fact that modern double -glazed windows occupy almost 4/5 of the window area, special attention should be paid to the energy -saving properties of glasses. Only low -emission glass with silver spraying allow UV rays to unhinderedly penetrate the room, preventing the heat radiation of heating devices. In addition, there are special profile systems designed for installation in cottage -type buildings with a reduced energy consumption of energy resources.

The unique development of energy -efficient technologies in window structures allows you to save up to 50% of heating costs, which, in itself, is a lot.