Saving funds during repair.

For the most part, each person who plans to repair his home or apartment is conceived (usually after a previously compiled estimate), what to save on.

This is a completely normal phenomenon in our current reality. However, it is very important in this desire to save on the biggest mistake – namely, not to save where it is categorically impossible to do this! If you want the repairs to meet all technological and qualitative requirements, remember the first direction of investment of finances, the savings on which is mandatory (one hundred percent confirmed by practice and the action in this case, the so -called “law of a falling sandwich – always on the floor”), will turn out to you are a loss of quality and one hundred percent probability that instead of saved funds today, you will have to spend a much large amount in the future.

It is categorically cannot be saved on electrical wiring, water supply and other means of communication. Most saving electricity for the most part is hidden elements, and replacing a cheap, burned from incorrectly calculated section and excessive load of the wire, is fraught with at least glitting new wallpapers. What is fraught with the replacement of the water pipe, if it flowed after the repair, it is not even worth saying ..