Rules for choosing and installing plastic windows

The popularity of PVC windows in recent years has increased markedly. And not surprising. After all, such windows are convenient, durable, aesthetically beautiful and most importantly – affordable in price.

The choice of windows today is offered huge, so you can easily choose a profile for the desired interior. The color scheme of the window profile is very wide. Many still prefer a classic white color.

But if you wish, you can choose a window to the color of the walls in the room or to match the furniture. All this became possible thanks to the development of modern technologies, as a result of which you can acquire a shade of the window profile “under the tree” and even with imitation of wood pattern.

The shape of the windows is also diverse. Rectangular windows are suitable for many interiors. But more and more recently, non -standard forms have been in demand. Arched, trapezoid, round – such forms of windows can more often be found in our homes.

It is important to choose the right window dimensions, t. e. Its size. The width and height of the window affects its statics. And the larger the size will have a window, the greater the availability of cash or partitions in it to ensure sufficient strength of the window structure.

Thermal protection and noise insulation of windows will depend on the choice of double -glazed windows. If these indicators are not essential (quiet street, southern regions), you can dwell on a single -chamber double -glazed window. In other cases, it is better to choose – two -chamber.