Roofing materials, ondulin

Ondulin is the most popular roofing material after metal tiles. Ondulin, this is the roofing material that is made by saturation with bitumen of special organic fibers under very large pressure. Before the fibers are saturated with bitumen, they are painted in a given color, and only then is made from further processing. This makes the color more resistant to fading and other destructive factors. In addition, Ondulin is very durable roofing material. If its installation is performed correctly, then it is able to withstand significant loads. Ondulin perfectly withstands both severe frost and heat, he is able to withstand the wind, at a speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour. Ondulin is an environmentally friendly material that is made from environmentally friendly materials. On average, the life of the roof from Ondulin is more than 50 years.

Such roofing material as Ondulin is widely used for both the roof of ordinary houses and cottages. In addition, all kinds of visors are often made from Ondulin, they are covered with pavilions, small stalls, bus stops, and so on. Due to the fact that Ondulin is very durable material, easy to install and has a rather aesthetic appearance, it earned high popularity among other roofing materials.