Roofing materials for the veranda.

Using roofing material and only, you can face their positive and negative qualities. Considering their positive aspects, you can distinguish poor heat conductivity and not passing moisture. But the operational period is up to five years, fragility is a minus. Pairs are not missed with such materials, the premises do not breathe. Building a roof of rolled materials, first of all, it is necessary to make a flooring of boards and wood, which are fixed with nails to the rafters. The hats of nails should be drowned into a tree, and only after that they lay the material on the flooring, thoroughly align, and only then grab it with nails in the corners. For better fixing the material to the roof, special rails are attached, which are then also covered with roll material. At leisure it will not be superfluous to find out what poundx is.

Only is attached with special nails. Not only such materials are used to cover the veranda. Here you can use asbestos slate. This material is durable, its operational period can be up to forty years. Slate withstands twenty -five cycles of freezing and defrosting. He does not respond with aggressive environments, does not pass moisture, heat, does not burn. But he is very fragile – this is his drawback. After a few years of operation, he begins to pass moisture, and mold and fungus begin to develop on it.