Roof. Which to choose?

On which metal will be used during the manufacture of the roof will depend on both the lines of the service and the boundary of the operating lines. It is also very important and the coating of which is covered with metal. The type of installation is considered not unimportant in which from the type of angle or bend will influence the effect of atmospheric precipitation. Depending on these factors, the lines of operation will also depend. On average, the lines of service can last from ten to a hundred years. The most durable is the flat copper sheet that covers the house. Such sheets can last more than three hundred years. However, over time, their appearance worsens significantly and residents have to clean the plaque from time to time from time to time. Fortunately, modern industry produces in abundance products for cleaning and caring for copper roofing coatings. By the way, the StroyService company is very popular now, many are ordering a council for installing closers from it.

Also a significant factor that stops buyers of such a maternal is an exorbitantly high cost, which is why it is not so easy to find in ordinary construction stores. The Titanovo – zinc leaf that can last up to one hundred and forty years also serves very well and durable. However, such a coating is also covered with a patina and becomes silver and a little darkens compared to the original state.