Roof fence – an important detail

If there is a roof, then it will require repair or cleaning from snow, so it is better to make a fence. Just slipping, a person can fall from the roof and break, so so that he and you be calm, as well as passers -by are not in danger, better install the roof fence. It should look aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time be made of strong materials. With a roof slope of 12% and above, it is necessary to set a fence.

SNiP also recommends putting on houses with a wall height of more than10 meters. If you think that security is above all, then you can put a fence even on a low house.

For such a fence, stainless steel or galvanized steel is used. First, a vertical fence is fixed around the perimeter of the entire building at the cornice level, and then the supports are attached. Supports are attached using screws, with a distance between them at least 90 cm. Then the supports and fences are connected.

This whole design should be made very high quality, and you can order it directly with the replacement of the roof covering.

Now you can release utility services on the roof, if necessary, go out yourself, without fear that someone will break and fall down. The fence in any case will hold a person.