Roal for Siberian weather

In the Russian market, roofing materials made of folding roofs, metal tiles, and drainage systems are gaining more and more revolutions. Such roofs were developed for the harsh Siberian climate, but they justified themselves in the summer heat and in autumn rains. Such roofs are of great practicality, reliability and perfect for the construction of modern buildings and reconstruction of roofs. Also have a strong reliable coating that protects against corrosion and from different mechanical influences. Moss does not grow on metal roofs, the foliage does not linger, falling from trees on concrete surfaces or a slate.

Moreover, they are also waterproof, moisture resistant and durable. Such a roof will not require maximum care efforts, thanks to functional design, reliable external damage to the structure, also reliably protects against the sultry rays. By the way, the architect-designer almost always recommends that after the roof roof, change the design of his apartment. Moreover, such a roof during construction costs much cheaper and laying sheets is much faster than for example a slate. Now the construction of roofs from metal tiles is considered a brand in modern construction.