Repair tips when not enough funds

In order to save money on repair, it is necessary to adhere to the next list of tips:

Reduce wall decoration requirements. Preparation of walls for pasting wallpaper is cheaper and easier to prepare the surface for staining. Exception – silk wallpaper.

Changing the variety of flooring – a change in the technology of the preparatory process and a number of black material used. It is known that to lay a laminated parquet, you need to create a perfectly leveled floor surface.

Achieving such an effect is possible only with the construction of a cement screed, the use of self -leveling mixtures, laying plywood (thickness – at least 18 cm). All these work costs need to spend a lot of funds. Economy option – carpet. Much cheaper, easier and easier to prepare the surface of the floor for laying such flooring.

Modification of technologies for performing work tasks when installing and aligning ceilings. For example, with deviations of ceilings from horizontal, the design of the bearing ceilings will significantly reduce the spent on repair.

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This is not a complete list of tips to reduce the cost of repairs. Perhaps you yourself know more than one way to save on repair work.