Repair errors: water supply

It often happens that after a major overhaul, you begin to notice various errors everywhere. Then here the wall is uneven, then the pipes are sticking out here, but for some reason the water does not pour over there. To do everything right, you can immediately forget about the motto “Solve problems as they are received”. Everything needs to be clearly planned and foreseen, otherwise you can’t see good repairs.

One of the main mistakes that will then be poured into huge problems are those that arise in the process of drawing up a project. The most popular is when you are going to transfer the water supply. For example, you wanted to transfer the sink from the kitchen to another place, and after the repair it suddenly turns out that for some reason the water does not go. The thing is that with such operations you have not taken into account the difference in heights. You should have known that with an increase in the length of the pipe, its height should increase. A fairly simple formula is usually used – an additional height should be 3% of the length of the pipe. For example, if you decide to transfer the entire same sink by 5 meters, then your story follows 15 centimeters higher.

The second most popular error associated with the water supply is the choice of irregular pipes. No matter how strange it may sound, but it is precisely because of the wrong form of the pipe that clogs or air traffic jams very often occur.