Reduction at work. Advice to builders and not only

Agree, such a nuisance as a reduction can overtake at the workplace of each of us, regardless of what we work in a construction organization and climb the construction forests, creating a beautiful facade for the building, or sit in an office room near the computer.

Today we would like to talk about what rights and obligations a person who fell under the reduction at work has. So, the employer always, such is the law, must notify you in two months that you have fallen under the reduction of the state. After you are informed, you also have the right to work all this time before the deadline specified in the documentation.

Also, each employee has the right to pay the weekend, as well as to wages, on account of not a ruined vacation. In the end, you have the right to make you intelligibly and clearly justify the reason for your dismissal. This is very important, you must admit, both for your own self -esteem and for the further device for another job.

Of course, there are exceptions everywhere, and the Labor Code also. For example, the employer does not have the right to dismiss a pregnant woman. Unless, of course, the whole company in which it worked is not liquidated.