Quartz sand use

Currently, in the construction industry, the use of quartz sand has begun to gain popularity, as it is used to fill concrete blocks and various construction mixtures.

In our article we will familiarize you with the main properties of quartz sand and its use in construction.

Properties of quartz sand

Due to the high strength of granules and the origin of quartz sand relate to natural building materials.

Such sand is highly resistant to the effects of chemicals, strength and excellent fertility. Also quartz sand has intermediary porosity and dirtyeminess.


In construction, this sand is used for the manufacture of a bulk floor, decorative decoration of architectural buildings and as a filler for cleaning systems.

It is also used as raw materials for the manufacture of glass products and sheets, sprinkling for roofing materials.

Quartz sand is also popular in the finish of surfaces or filling the foundation during the construction of country houses and cottages. In order for the coatings to serve for a long time and have high quality, only the best sand varieties must be used.

To buy quartz sand in bulk from the warehouse in Moscow, it helps not only to save money, but also to purchase quality material with which you can carry out various work on the device and construction of your home.