Quarter as a construction unit

The project and construction unit should be a quarter, architect Andrei Chernikhov, curator of the exhibition “Architecture”, is convinced by the architect Andrei Chernikhov. According to him, it is necessary to leave the landmark to the microdistrict – a unit of construction adopted in the 70s of the last century.

The comfort of residence and self-governing of the territory appears when designing when a quarter for 80-120 families is laid, which is a parcellation in urban conditions. This is well forgotten and you need to learn to play again.

The opposite is now observed. The Soviet house -building contrary to the expectations of the architect did not sink into oblivion, but, on the contrary, strengthened its positions with increasing the volume of DSC plants.

According to Chernikhov, in our years, like forty years ago, huge land plots are allocated for obscurely buildings by microdistricts by the type of designer. Attention should be paid not only to the most house construction, but also to competent use of the space between the houses.

At the same time, the curator of the exhibition stated that it is impossible to refuse overnight from the activities of DSK, because a huge number of employees are employed in this construction industry.

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