PVC windows – reliable protection from city noise

Nowadays, you often encounter the fact that the noise has become part of our life. In the days of large cities, constant movement and rapid development of production, more and more often I want to escape somewhere. Somewhere where there is no extraneous noise where no one touches you and does not prevent you from living. Where there are no annoying neighbors screaming all night under the windows of your house, and expensive machines, the alarm of which, by the way, is, by the way, at night when you need to get up early and go to work. But there is still a way out of this situation and this is not a fiction.

If you have ever heard about PVC windows, then know that they will help you in your difficult situation. A fairly high level of noise insulation, like an anti -gravel protection of a car that prevents gravel to cripple the car, will not allow you to cripple your nerves. But there are several but.

That everyone considers the advantage of such windows is also their disadvantage. “Why?” – you ask. We answer: due to the fact that the windows are so hermetically tight, the room will not fall into the room, so necessary so that the windows, in the end, do not deteriorate. Insufficient ventilation in the room leads to the fact that a certain amount of moisture and steam is assembled, which can lead to the destruction of the structure of the windows. But what to do? There is a way out as always. Ventilation. Yes, it is that hole in your wall that helps the air in your apartment not stagnant. And most importantly – if you do not have such a ventilation system, then you will have to install it with the windows, otherwise it is to be trouble.