PVC linoleum and fiberglass

There are many options or if you want species of linoleum. One of the most popular is PVC. Naturally, this option is significantly different in composition from natural. In fact, it is basically difficult to find something that will be natural. Mandatory any linoleum PVC should have a special certificate, which indicates the absence of substances or elements harmful to the human body.

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PVC linoleum is created of fiberglass, which is considered its basis, as well as a special substrate. The latter can be made of polyester PVC, foamed, tissue or jute. By the way, the substrate must necessarily have the same expansion indicators at temperature changes.

It is worth noting that Linoleum PVC has the same large selection of patterns of ornaments, as well as the color scheme as in natural linoleum. Naturally, using ordinary pigments, it is impossible to paint such a floor covering. In this case, special paints are used. They are applied to the surface thanks to special printed cylinders. Those who also have engraving are able to cover PVC linoleum also with a pattern.