Proper design of the interior of a small cafe.

In small cafes, people are usually found for mental, leisurely conversations, so that everything is slowly discussing. Small business meetings in such institutions also take place.

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The whole surrounding atmosphere must correspond; you need high -quality, good repair, pleasant design of the entire interior and so on. Around it should be cozy and definitely light so that people can talk normally and resolve issues. All cafes should be decorated in one style. Only in large institutions where there are zones can you use several different styles. For a small cafe, this is not suitable. Everything should be one and interact well with each other. Accessories in the interior decor are also important, everything must be selected with taste and color scheme.

On some things you can place accents, while others will supplement them. Usually the interiors of the cafe make in the English style, Chinese, Japanese or eastern. You can use wooden furniture, lay the floor on the floor. They go very well among themselves. The color scheme should be neutral, the brightness here is useless. The layout should be carried out so that the room does not look small and cramped.