Pre -zated foam polyetal panels

Preceded foaming. Uretan panels are wall heat -insulating panels, which are based on solid polyurethane foam. Relief of fasteners occurs due to the provided special lock of the present in such panels. With the help of such fixers, the quality of thermal insulation increases significantly. As a rule, the structure of the substance of the panels is homogeneous, but the appearance of small air bubbles is also allowed, which do not exceed five millimeters. By the way, now very often the installation of suspended ceilings is very often used by poor -quality materials, so when choosing them should consult a specialist.

The panels have bilateral or unilateral coatings, but they may not have it at all. Therefore, such a decoration will simply increase strength and protect against ultraviolet radiation. The materials that will be used as such a coating are armophy, craft paper, fiberglass fabric, foil. Such panels will be relatively light, as they have pores, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity will be low. Thanks to these porches, the panel can absorb steam and moisture minimally. If the wall panels are made of fairly strong material, then the panels themselves will be strong and durable. PPU panels are in demand in all areas of construction and even in the production of refrigeration equipment!