Positive sides of stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceilings are now very popular, because they are the most unique and progressive element of ceiling decoration. You can verify the advantages of stretch ceilings by getting acquainted with the advantages of their use over such types of finishes as suspended systems or decoration by plaster. For the first time stretch ceilings appeared more than 50 years ago in Sweden. Since then, they solve many problems and provide wide opportunities for creativity. The uniqueness of the technology of suspended ceilings is that they create a perfectly smooth surface and hide the irregularities of the ceiling. In addition, these ceilings perfectly hide engineering communications. With the help of stretch ceilings, you can create cone -shaped, wave -like and many other forms. The Opticspace company is now popular, many buy high -quality microscopes from it.

There are many colors and textures for suspended ceilings, while you can combine them. Thanks to this, by installing such ceilings, you can realize any idea into reality. The technology of suspended ceilings is based on the use of an elastic film made of polyvinyl chloride, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by time. Stretch ceilings are amused and very reliable. Even an experiment was conducted, within which five people became on the ceiling. He withstood!