Positive features of artificial stone

Modern design cannot be imagined without the use of stone. In the process of decorating the premises, marble, granite, malachite, etc. are used. D. Of course, all these breeds are incredible aesthetics. But it must also be taken into account that the cost of natural stone is very significant, and its processing is complex.

Therefore, an artificial stone acts as an excellent alternative to this material. It differs primarily from natural. Cement is used for the manufacture of artificial stone. In the production process, he is given a certain form, texture and color.

In relation to practical characteristics, these materials are quite similar. The strength of artificial stone is very high. He can last a very long time. The weight of this material is very modest. Therefore, the process of laying it is extremely easy. The aesthetics of the resulting finish resulting is very high.

The fundamental characteristic of artificial stone is that it is hygienic. Cracks do not appear on it, as in natural. Therefore, it can be used when working on the outside of buildings and directly in the rooms. The artificial stone cannot have a radiation background.