Polyurethane mounting foam

Installation foam is not the correct name of this material. Indeed, more often it is used not during installation, but to fill joints, cracks, voids in the established structures. However, such a remark does not reduce the excellent qualities of the material. Foam is light and convenient to use, quickly freezes. Mounting foam is an aerosol cylinder in which polyurethane is under pressure. When spraying, polyurethane interacts with atmospheric moisture, increases several times in volume and freezes in the form of solid foam (solid polyurethane foam). For full hardening, the day is needed. Existing additives allow the use of foam at different temperatures and high humidity (up to 35%).

Polyurethane mounting foam is often used for thermal insulation when installing windows and doors. The joints filled with this composition provide good thermal insulation, tightness and resistance to mechanical influences. However, the installation foam is not always recommended to use. For example, it is not used when working with Teflon, Wax, polyethylene, silicone, polypropylene. Also, polyurethane mounting foam is unstable to ultraviolet. Joints filled with foam need to be hidden from sunlight. Another property of foam – it absorbs moisture well. Therefore, waterproofing is necessary.