Polystyrene concrete blocks at home

Polystyrene concrete is a sufficiently warm and universal material, which is already widely used for the construction of warm private houses. Its composition is granular polystyrene and cement. Refers to light concrete.

For the manufacture of polystyrene concrete at home, it is only necessary to prepare a certain brand, for example, a density of 300, a mixture. This will require:

Foamed granular polystyrene (PVG) – 85 kg and approximately 2% of certain additives in the form of tar, which tends to push water away from itself. Cement – 300 kg, water – 100 liters.

After a batch in a concrete mixer, the resulting solution is poured according to prepared forms, which are made of simple boards. It is desirable to lubricate the forms from the inside. Since polystyrene concrete is prepared on its own, the size of forms for blocks can be made at their discretion, that is, at the need.

After a day, the finished blocks are released from the formwork and put in a shadey place until they are completely solidified. It is advisable to choose a place constantly blown by the breeze.

Polystyrene concrete blocks can be used for construction about two three weeks after manufacturing.

In order for polystyrene concrete blocks to retain their qualities longer, it is recommended to plastered them with a thick layer of plaster on the outside.