Polymer floors for the tap and heating system and pipes

Today, going to make repairs in the apartment, people first think about replacing the old plumbing and heating system. After all, you must admit, if you change the faucets, radiators, a bath, a toilet, and leave the pipes old and rusty, it will just look terrible. So that the modern tap and heating system serve you for many years, it is worth using polymer pipes. The service life of such pipes is up to 80 years.

For the water supply system, pipes with a section of 15mm are used, for a heating system of 20 mm.

For heating, it is worth purchasing metal -plastic pipes that withstand pressure up to 20 atmospheres. Such pipes contain aluminum foil, which is why, under the influence of high temperature, they are not deformed. If you are interested in outerwear wholesale, then we advise you to go through the above link, where a large assortment of men’s outerwear is proposed from the manufacturer. If low -quality polypropylene pipes were used for the heating system, then at the first pressure, the pipes can separate from radiators, thereby flooding the entire surrounding space.

For the water system, the purchase of metal -plastic pipes is not at all required, here you can limit yourself to ordinary PVC pipes.

When installing plastic pipes, welding is not required, it is enough to purchase a special soldering iron that fits in a small suitcase. If you do everything right, then the pipes will last you for many years.