Polymer floors and their dignity

Polymer Paul is a relatively new solution in the decoration of floors in residential premises. The scope of bulk floors applies to any residential and public buildings. The list of advantages of such gender is very large, let us dwell on the most remarkable. When compared with most finishing materials for floor decoration, the bulk floor does not have seams, cracks, clearance, so it will not creak, and dirt will not be clogged into the gap. The bulk floor will never leak, no matter what flood you arrange in the room. Paul has ideal evenness and smoothness, so it is easy to maintain clean, and furniture on wheels moves around it freely.

The bulk floor is able to withstand the temperature difference from 40 degrees of frost, to a hundred degrees of heat. The incomparable variety of decorative solutions, because you can use any pattern, color scheme, apply any image, achieve the effect of depth. Production time from 1 day, so the finish can be completed on the weekend if necessary, so that the next day you can immediately start operation. Despite the smoothness – the floor does not slip, like, say, wet ceramic tiles. And this is not a complete list of all virtues ..