Playing the ceilings with wallpaper

Before you take the walls of the walls, you must first paste the ceiling first, having previously prepared the surface, which should be perfectly even and dry. Before gluing, do not forget to smear the upper part of the walls, about ten centimeters, and the ceiling, around the entire perimeter.

In the event that the cornice in the room is not provided, when glued, the wallpaper can be allowed to. If there are more than two windows in the room, the canvases are glued to the length of the ceiling.

Using the roller, the glue is applied to the pre -cut, wallpaper canvases. Then the wallpaper is folded in half and let them be saturated for about five to ten minutes.

The easiest way to do this work in a team of three or four people. Then actions are distributed as follows. The first smashes the canvas with an adhesive solution and then serves them the second, which sticks one part of the wallpaper, the third picks up the end of the canvas and, together with the fourth, is finished, while smoothing the entire glued surface. Thus the entire ceiling is pasted over.

Before the wallpaper does not completely dry, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of the appearance of drafts and rays of the sun.

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